Deemed to be a "sad girl" who would become "extremely depressed" in the "crazy cutthroat world of modeling," Coryn, a 19-year-old retail clerk from Minneapolis, MN, became the sixth girl eliminated from the fifth edition of America's Next Top Model during last night's UPN broadcast.

Top Model 5's fifth episode began with the girls returning from last week's elimination ceremony in which Tyra Banks -- apparently bowing to her fellow judges' desires rather than her own personal feelings -- sent Diane home. Nik, who considered Diane to be her closest friend in the house, took the elimination hard, crying during her private confessional and noting that she felt very vulnerable and planned to "not let anyone in" for the rest of the competition. The rest of the girls didn't appear nearly as upset. "There's so many people gone and it's actually better," Jayla remarked.

The next day, the girls were surprised with a house visit from author and model Iman, who shared organic skin product recipes from her book, "The Beauty of Color." While the girls were excited to try the recipes on their faces, Coryn was less than enthusiastic. "It feels really gross. It's slimy and gooey, you have little chunks everywhere," she commented.

Later, the girls were given product message points and challenged to complete a mock interview with comedian Chris Spencer to test their skills as spokesmodels for the fictitious "ANTM Honey Banana Firming Mask" product. Although many of the girls had difficulty mentioning all of their prepared talking points during the interview, Chris felt most disappointed with Coryn's performance. "She had no idea what was going on," he said. In the end, Chris named Kyle the spokesmodel challenge's winner, allowing her to select Nicole to join her in appearing on VH1's The Fabulous Life Of... supermodels episode.

The next day the girls got a taste of a supermodel's hectic schedule as they spent the day completing a photo shoot, commercial, and an interview with Entertainment Tonight correspondent Ryan Devlin to promote Secret Platinum Clear Gel. During the commercial, Coryn stumbled over her lines and had a difficult time getting comfortable. "As soon as I start off bad, I beat myself up about it," she said.

During the week's elimination ceremony, the judges noted that they'd noticed a startling sadness in Coryn's performance during the Secret Platinum Clear Gel press day. Although they felt that Coryn was extremely beautiful and radiant, the obvious sadness emanating from her overpowered her ability to become a top model. "The judges felt the need to save you from this crazy cutthroat world of modeling, that would make a sad girl extremely depressed," Tyra told Coryn as she explained the judges' elimination decision.