Corinne Olympios made it to Nick Viall's Final 4 on The Bachelor, so he'll be visiting the bachelorette's hometown and meeting her family next week on the show.

Corinne is a 24-year-old from Miami, FL. The aspiring model, who views herself as a hard-hitting business woman, was dubbed The Bachelor villain early on. Despite trying to have sex with Nick in his Bimini hotel room and coming on really strong, she seems to be getting along with the other ladies in the house, as there haven't been any major cat fights recently.

Corinne always makes sure that she stands out and is the apple of Nick's eye. Due to her aggressive and confident dating approach, Nick has been intrigued by her and invested in their romance from the start.

While some viewers probably hoped Corinne would go home towards the beginning, she made it this far. As Nick told the bachelorette, she must be "doing something right." Could she end up being Nick's future wife?

Below is a list of 10 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Corinne Olympios:

- The bachelorette has tattoos hidden on her body but they've already faded because she's in the process of lasering them off.

- Corinne enjoys coffee, sushi, gym sessions and mall runs. She also claims to have a weirdness only her BFF truly understands.

- People often accuse her of having lip injections or fillers, but she swears by the fact her pout is all-natural and she got it from her mom!

- Corinne owns an adorable Chihuahua named Bean and has a younger brunette sister named Taylor who is also beautiful.

- She has worked on music videos for artists like Akon, Pitbull and DJ Khaled.

- Despite the fact Jasmine Goode didn't seem to get along with Corinne on The Bachelor, the pair of girls are currently really good friends.

- If she could be any animal, Corinne would pick a cheetah because they are "strong and fierce."
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- While she has presented herself as a small business owner on The Bachelor, she reportedly works in sales for her parents' Miami-based Armor Garage company, which is a supplier of epoxy floor coatings.

- Corinne's guilty pleasure is the TV show Frasier.

- All of her four grandparents are still alive and she adores them. She calls them "yiayia and papou."