An Indian designer said his line of shirts starting at $974 was created to appeal to "contemporary royals."

Amitabh Chandel, a descendant of one of India's royal families, said the shirts are encrusted with precious jewels, including about 28 carats of diamonds on a single shirt, but are meant for everyday wear, The Daily Telegraph, Britain, reported Monday.

"I wanted to create a wearable dress for contemporary royals, a dress which can be used practically," Chandel said. "Many designers have created royal Achkans, Bandgalas and Kurtas, but they are not wearable. This is an attire for contemporary royal. It is the silk, solitaire diamonds and gold buttons that make them costly."

Chandel said the shirts were designed with royals in mind, but one does not have to be royal to buy one.

"Every parent treats his son like a king, my collection is something like an extension of this thought. One does not need to be a royal to wear or own this attire," he said.