The Crown and First Man star Claire Foy received the third annual Critics' Choice See Her Award in Los Angeles Sunday night.

Viola Davis, the inaugural winner of the award, presented Foy with her statuette. Gal Gadot earned the accolade last year.

"I've struggled quite a lot with the idea of me accepting it because I immediately thought, 'I've offered nothing and I have nothing to offer,'" Foy said.

"And it was something that Viola said in that (introductory video) clip, actually, which is the fact that the greatest privilege of your life is to be who you are and I've realized that that is all I have to offer. Is myself. And all I've ever tried to do with anything I've ever made, any work that I've been in is to, hopefully, make something, which people recognize -- that they recognize themselves on screen in some way."