The City of Brampton in Canada is employing the services of a 2-year-old English springer spaniel to keep geese at bay in its public parks.

The dog, Rocket, is employed by the city to annoy and chase the geese away from areas that were previously minefields of droppings -- without hurting any of the birds, the Toronto Star reported Monday.

"It makes the geese uncomfortable, but it doesn't harm them in any way," said Tamara Taylor, Brampton's supervisor of animal services and Rocket's owner.

She said she opted to take the dog to Loafer's Lake, Chinguacousy and Professor's Lake to scare away geese rather than have the birds relocated -- a process that could kill or injure the geese.

"I knew he'd be fantastic at it," she said. "He loves to chase birds because it's his instinct.

"He knows he needs to be a working dog."