Chris Weaver's The Voice audition was the first to air on Season 13, and he became the first team member for coach Jennifer Hudson.

Chris, a worship leader by day and drag queen by night, chose to join Jennifer's team after hearing arguments from all four coaches during the "Blind Auditions."

So why did he choose the newbie coach, Jennifer, after singing "Try a Little Tenderness," and why not team up with Blake Shelton or Adam Levine, for example, who each have a history cultivating winners on the The Voice?

The decision "was definitely difficult, especially with Adam," Chris, who also convinced Miley Cyrus to turn her chair, told Reality TV World following The Voice's premiere episode.

"I mean, I think Adam... certainly had soul. But you know, Jennifer knows the church route as well as the drag scene in Chicago. And so, I felt like this was somebody who I connected with, who has been where I've been, as well as being on a reality singing show, [American Idol]. So I felt like, you know, all things aligned just right."

Also during the conference call with reporters, Chris talked about what inspired him to audition for The Voice to begin with.

"I got a call from The Voice that they're looking for 10 people to do a private audition. And so, that's how I got to do that, and... then I got a call back and went for it," Chris revealed.

"[The process] was something different. It was something that I was ready to give a shot... It was a private audition, so it was a different way of the producers seeing me rather than, you know, just being in an open call. So I said, you know, why not give it a try?"

Prior to auditioning in front of The Voice's four coaches, Chris actually met Jennifer before. He sang for her at a party for The Color Purple, the musical, and she threw her shoe at him! (To Jennifer, throwing a shoe is a huge compliment to one's talent).

"I actually sang the same song I sang for my Blind Audition [at the party]," Chris said. "I sang 'Try a Little Tenderness.'"

Chris got to attend The Color Purple party because his friend was a member of the cast.

"[My friend] just invited me to this party and didn't tell me what it was. And we get there and, you know, he said it was open bar. So for me that was like, 'Okay, that's all I need to know.' But we're standing at the bar and a friend of mine says, 'Turn around, you're not going to believe it.' I turned around and Jennifer Hudson is standing there and I was like, 'You've got to be kidding me!'"

Chris' friend then asked The Voice contestant to sing for the Oscar and Grammy Award winner.
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"She had a lot going on there, and my friend said, 'What do you want to sing?' And I was like, 'I don't want to sing. I don't think I can sing in front of her.' And so, I ended up singing and the response was very much overwhelming," Chris revealed.


"So two years later, to be in front of her and be able to sing that, relive that and get the same response, it was amazing."