Chely Wright married partner Lauren Blitzer in Connecticut with both wearing white, but no veils because as the singer said: "We like our hair too much."

The wedding was held Saturday at the home of Blitzer's aunt, and because Wright is Christian and Blitzer is Jewish, a rabbi and a reverend officiated at the ceremony, reported.

The couple eschewed a band in favor of a deejay.

"Bands at weddings make me nervous," country singer Wright joked.

What to serve to the more than 200 guests could have been a problem because Wright doesn't eat meat, but she approved when Blitzer brought in enough barbecue to feed everyone from Blue Smoke in New York, People reported.

Wright met Blitzer, an activist for gay, lesbian bi-sexual and transgender civil rights two weeks after coming out as a gay woman in 2010.

"The freedom of being out and open about who I am allowed me to find and fall in love with Lauren -- the most amazing woman I've ever known," Wright said.