A house listing in Canada has gained international attention due to the current residents' large collection of clown memorabilia.

Realtor Kyle Jansink described the 748-square-foot house in Brantford, Ontario, as a "charming brick bungalow" that has been "meticulously maintained" for 30 years by a couple with an affinity for clowns.

"We are not clowning around at the price of $239,900," Jansink joked in a video tour of the house, which revealed hundreds of clown dolls, photos and statues lining the walls of the home.

The realtor told the BBC there are "multiple offers lined up" for the home, which garnered some extra attention for its curios decor.

"It was going to sell above asking price despite all this publicity, but now maybe we're getting some extra out-of-town buyers coming in," Jansink said.

Jansik said the massive clown collection definitely drove away some potential buyers, but he discussed it with the property owners and they requested the clowns remain.

"People should just be themselves and you know what? It is for some people, it isn't for others," he said. "All we can do is just be ourselves and the rest takes care of itself."