Chad Johnson and Lace Morris barely survived their first face-to-face confrontation since going at it on Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise this past summer.

During Tuesday night's episode of Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After?, Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell invited Lace and her fiance Grant Kemp, twins Emily Ferguson and Haley Ferguson, and former The Bachelor star Chris Soules on a camping trip in the great outdoors.

But Ben and Lauren dropped a bomb on the group halfway through their fun experience -- they had also invited The Bachelorette villain Chad Johnson to join them.

Lace immediately cringed, telling Ben that Chad had been trying to "make life hell" for herself and Grant since they all starred on Bachelor in Paradise 3 together.

Ben explained to his friends that he and Lauren "saw something" in Chad and believe he's a lost person who needs some support. Lauren especially felt sympathy for Chad because she thought he was hurting and therefore acting out when maybe he's not a bad guy deep down.

Lace cried, saying she was "extremely scared [Chad's] past behaviors could ruin a great night."

At this point, she wished Chad didn't even exist. Lace fully expected Chad to arrive drunk and act like "a psycho," however, she and Grant agreed to be mature about the situation.

When Chad arrived at the campfire that night, he explained his antics on the reality shows are representative of how he might act on a night out drinking with buddies. The only difference? People aren't watching or judging his every move.

Lace, attempting to "relieve tension," then asked Chad why he "attacked" her on After Paradise.

"I want to know why you said, 'You just f-cked up,' and then smirked at me and just talked sh-t during the commercial break," Lace said.

"I was joking," Chad noted.

"But then you went and blasted me on Twitter and then blocked me so I couldn't see it, and I had to find out from everyone else... Why?" Lace asked.
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"I was just trying to make people laugh, honestly," Chad replied, adding that he's not "generally an assh-le" and clearly Grant and Lace were holding on to some resentment.

"I'm good to people who are good to me," Chad told the cameras, "but when you do me wrong, I get people back."

Ben then asked Chad if he has any regrets or would take anything back if given the chance.

"There are some things I wish I hadn't done," Chad admitted. "Yeah, I guess I could've toned it down a little. I did some things I probably shouldn't have done."

Viewers could hear a chuckle from Chris and then Lace whispering into Grant's ear that Chad wasn't being sincere at all. Lauren didn't understand how Chad could hurt people and not feel bad afterwards.

"Why did you go after everyone's ex-girlfriends?" Lace asked, referring to how Chad had hooked up with both Grant and Robby Hayes' ex-girlfriends after their stint on The Bachelorette's latest season.

"You know, I don't even know at this point," Chad responded. "Sometimes we do things and then those things become things... Dude, what the f-ck do you want?! This is annoying, man."

Ben told Chad that if he didn't want to take advantage of a moment of redemption, then that's up to him, but he thought he was a better man that.

"You genuine hurt people. I genuinely want to watch you walk away right now because I can't stand to be around you as a person," Lace vented. "You have torn people apart on social media. You have gone out of your way to genuinely hurt people, and I don't think you care. I think it's all about Chad and it's all about how you look."

"I meant to upset you! I meant to piss you all off, and it worked!" Chad replied. "And I don't know why I did it."

After some back and forth talk, Chad told Lace, "I feel bad about some things I've done."

Lace asked Chad to say what he really feels and not what he thinks everyone wants to hear.

"If I sat down and thought about my actions, which I never do, I would probably feel pretty bad," Chad continued.

Grant then asked if his mother would be proud of his behavior, and Chad refused to talk about it, insisting he never brings her up and there's "no unhurtful way" for someone else to bring his mother up. She had died shortly before Chad appeared on JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette.

Lace and Grant then took a walk and she cried in his arms. Lace went on the camping trip only to get to know Ben and Lauren better, and she wanted to go home because Chad "bombarded" the experience.

Grant admitted the situation was "so stupid" because they never would have appeared on Ben and Lauren's show if they had been warned ahead of time that Chad would be joining them. Grant was clearly frustrated about the blindside.

"I'm mad that I even had to be in this position to be around him," Lace confessed.

When the couple returned to the campfire, Chad opened up and his words seemed more sincere this time.

"Obviously I've done you guys wrong," Chad told Lace and Grant.

"I've done some things I do feel bad about. I didn't treat you well on Bachelor in Paradise and I've done you wrong after the shows and with that being said, I want you guys to have a good time tonight with everyone, so I'm going to roll out and go to bed."

Ben concluded that Chad didn't know how to deal with or fix the situation, but he knew when to walk away, which was the right thing to do. Lace said "actions will speak louder than words" going forward to determine if Chad is truly sorry.