The scandal that surrounded the British reality TV show "Celebrity Big Brother" have spilled over to "Big Brother" aired by the same broadcaster.

Disputes about "Big Brother" contestants between Channel 4 and Endemol, the show's producers, came to light after the broadcaster was found to have committed "serious errors of judgment" in its handling of racist comments and bullying on "Celebrity Big Brother" after viewers complained, The Mirror reported Friday.

In its finding, the Office of Communication also told Channel 4 it must apologize several times on air for comments and actions directed toward Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty.

Wanting to avoid scandal on "Big Brother," Channel 4 officials rejected three contestants forwarded by Endemol, a source told the Mirror. One male contestant was rejected because he had been arrested for a fight, the source said, and might have to go to court.

"Channel 4 (officials) are trying to wrestle back control of the show and make sure there are no more scandals, but Endemol insists the program will flop if there aren't any clashes or tension," the source said.

"Big Brother" begins Wednesday, when Channel 4 makes its first apology for "Celebrity Big Brother."