Donald Trump has uninvited former Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel from competing on the next edition of The Celebrity Apprentice.

Trump pulled his The Celebrity Apprentice offer -- which was still subject to final approval from NBC -- after VH1 announced that Uchitel, a party planner, will be participating in the fourth season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew yesterday.

"It's a terrible decision.  We have zero interest in her now," Trump told TMZ on Monday.

Trump feels Uchitel will come to regret her decision to participate in the VH1 reality series, which follows celebrity patients undergoing detoxification and treatment at a California recovery center.

"Look at what Celebrity Apprentice did for Piers Morgan.  He's getting Larry King's job. She made a bad mistake," he told TMZ.  "Celebrity Apprentice is a huge show and Celebrity Rehab is not.  I have 10 people who want to be on the show for every slot that's available.  I'm moving on."

TMZ had reported that Trump, a longtime friend of Woods, had recently offered Uchitel a spot on The Celebrity Apprentice's fourth season on Thursday.

Uchitel subsequently confirmed the offer but noted she still had to "pass the NBC test" and be approved by the network-- which has rejected several of Trump's prior Apprentice casting choices, including OJ Simpson.

"If it really gets presented to me, of course," Uchitel told Gossip Cop about the show, which will film this fall and air on NBC early next year. "[I] would be honored to be part of a show where I can use my head, show people what I'm really like, and give back to the community, as it’s for charity."

A Trump spokesperson had also later confirmed Uchitel was being considered for the show's fourth edition.

"We are in discussions with her and many other people who want to be on Celebrity Apprentice," Trump Organization vice president Rhona Graff told E! News on Friday.
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