CBS has reportedly ordered four more scripts for its new Los Angeles-set vampire drama, "Moonlight" despite its less-than-stellar ratings.

The show, which is about a good-guy vampire who works as a private investigator, is the network's lowest rated Friday program.

The move to plan future episodes of the series could be a sign CBS is giving the show a chance after it had a difficult journey getting made in the first place, said, adding the network's decision might also have something to do with a possible upcoming writers' strike.

CBS picked up "Moonlight" based on a brief presentation, not a full pilot, then changed everything but the premise and leading man Alex O'Loughlin.

Supporting players like Sophia Myles and Jason Dohring were added and "Angel" veteran David Greenwalt was hired as showrunner, then replaced by Chip Johannessen.

In related news, CBS has ordered a full season of the sit-com "The Big Bang Theory," asked for additional "Cane" scripts and quickly canceled Hugh Jackman's "Viva Laughlin," reported.