The Amazing Race's upcoming 25th season will not air on Sunday nights this fall.

CBS has announced The Amazing Race will be moving to a new time period -- Friday nights at 8PM ET/PT -- next season.

The race around the world, which currently airs on Sunday nights at 8PM ET/PT, will be replaced by a new drama called Madam Secretary this fall.

Friday night will suddenly be a very popular night for reality TV this fall, as in addition to America's Next Top Model, MasterChef Junior and Shark Tank, which will all be returning with new seasons on the night, Fox will also be airing its new Utopia series at 9PM ET/PT on Fridays this fall.

Utopia will also air on Tuesday nights at 8PM ET/PT.

CBS also revealed it's renewed Undercover Boss, which previously aired on Fridays, for another season. The series will debut mid-season this fall. In addition, Survivor will continue to air on Wednesday nights at 8PM ET/PT on the network.