CBS has formally confirmed that this fall's Survivor installment will film in the Central American country of Nicaragua and announced that Survivor: Nicaragua will be the official title of the 21st edition of the long-running reality series.

The network made the announcement at the conclusion of Sunday night's live Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains reunion show, with host Jeff Probst presenting a preview that confirmed Nicaraguan Tourism Minister Mario Salinas' March claim that the country was close to finalizing a deal that would have it serve as the setting for the 21st season of the reality series. 

"For the past decade, Survivor has taken you to the furthest corners of the planet and subjected over 300 contestants to the harshest environments under the most exhausting conditions. Join us now as we enter a new decade of Survivor," said Probst during the preview.

"This is Nicaragua. It is a land of impenetrable terrain, smoldering volcanoes and savage wildlife. Christopher Columbus discovered its shores over 500 years ago and for centuries Spanish conquistadors set out to tame this exotic land only to be stopped at every turn by the expansive rain forest of this Central American landmark."

In addition, Probst teased the new castaways will face "exciting and innovative challenges" and "something that may surprise them all."

CBS renewed Survivor for two additional installments -- representing its 21st and 22nd seasons -- in January.

Similar to Survivor's last two seasons -- both of which filmed in Samoa -- the 21st and 22nd editions will also film back-to-back this summer on Nicaragua's southern pacific coast, according to the country's PRONicaragua investment promotion agency.

Survivor: Nicaragua will represent the first installment of the reality competition to film in Central America since Survivor: Panama -- Exile Island in 2005.