There's saying thank you...and then there's saying THANK YOU!

The cast of CBS' new reality series Armed & Famous said thanks to Muncie Police this week in a big way by surprising the department with three fully-equipped 2007 Hummer SUVs, loaded to the brim with equipment that will make securing the Indiana city's streets a little easier. 

The vehicles were presented to the department during a community celebration on Wednesday, January 10, which marked the last day the show's five celebrities -- former The Surreal Life 2 roommate and CHiPs freeway patrolman Eric Estrada, professional skateboarder and Jackass star Jason "Wee Man" Acuna, The Osbournes star Jack Osbourne, former WWE wrestling champion Trish Stratus and singer La Toya Jackson -- served as Muncie reserve police officers.

Armed & Famous, which also premiered on CBS on Wednesday, follows the group as ther work their way through police training and find themselves on patrol in Muncie, IN, a city of nearly 70,000 residents located 60 miles northeast of Indianapolis.  All of the celebrity officers took their jobs seriously, but during the community celebration, Muncie Police Department Chief Joe Winkle singled out Osbourne in particular.  Winkle said he was so impressed with Osbourne he extended an invitation to him to become a full-time member of the department.

"[Osbourne] is extremely gifted at this," said Winkle during a conference call with reporters on Thursday, January 4.  "He works well with people, is a young man in good condition and has a knack for the job."

CBS reported Osborne "was moved" by what Winkle had to say, and referred to his time in Muncie as "the most powerful experience he has ever been through in his life."  While Osborne declined the offer to relocate to Muncie and become a full-time officer, he did ask Winkle to provide a letter of recommendation for him in order to attend a police academy in Los Angeles County.

The thanks went both ways, as Winkle also offered the cast of Armed & Famous a commemorative plaque from the Muncie Police Department that will hang in the Fraternal Order of the Muncie Police alongside their fellow officers.  Munice's Mayor Dan Canan also presented the cast with a certificate of appreciation from the City of Muncie for their dedication and service over the last several months.

Armed & Famous airs on CBS on Wednesdays at 8PM ET/PT.