A New Jersey town enlisted the help of a professional tree climber to rescue a cat that was stranded for three days on a high branch of a tall tree.

The Town of Smithtown said the domestic shorthair tabby cat, named Tiger, went missing from his home in the Nesconset area last week and was spotted by a neighbor a few days later in a tree more than 50 feet off the ground.

Town officials said they initially hoped the cat would climb down on its own, but after three days it was determined that the feline was stranded and needed help.

Mitch Crowley, director of Smithtown Traffic Safety, led a crew attempting to use a bucket truck to reach Tiger, but they were unable to get high enough on the tree. A Nesconset Fire Department crew attempted to use a ladder to reach Tiger, but they were also unsuccessful.

The town ended up enlisting the help of a man named Omar who works as a tree climber for Impressive Properties. Omar donned a helmet and a harness and climbed the tree to reach the feline and carry him back to safety.

Officials said Tiger was given a check-up by Animal Control and was reunited with his family.