Animal rescuers in Britain responded to a home where they helped firefighters dismantle a garage wall to rescue a cat trapped in a narrow gap.

The RSPCA said animal collection officers Sophie Wilson and David Hollinshead responded Friday to a home in the Willenhall area of Walsall, England, to rescue a cat heard meowing for help inside a resident's garage.

The rescuers determined the cat had crawled into a gap between two walls of the garage that were 6 inches apart at one end, but tapered down to 2 inches apart at the other end.

The RSPCA officers spent about two hours trying to use a reach and rescue pole to free the cat, but ended up enlisting the help of firefighters to dismantle the wall completely.

"The cat was about 15 feet from the wider end, and was stuck in a gap that was less than three inches wide," Hollinshead said. "The poor thing was terrified -- we know cats are naturally curious but I have no idea how he got himself so stuck."

The cat was taken to RSPCA Animal Hospital at Newbrook Farm in Birmingham to have its injuries assessed.

Officials said they are hopeful the cat, which was not microchipped, will make a full recovery.