The Animal Rescue League of Boston said a member used a rope to hoist himself up and save a cat stranded atop a 50-foot tree.

Chrystal Jones said her 6-month-old cat, Fendi, ran up the oak tree around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday and was still on a high branch the following morning, when she contacted the ARL, the Boston Herald reported Friday.

"I was scared," Jones said. "My kids were saying the cat's going to die."

Police shut down traffic on the street about 1 p.m. and rescuer Bill Tanguay used a rope to hoist himself up the tree and coax the cat down with a can of Fancy Feast.

"We really fill in a critical gap," ARL spokeswoman Jennifer Wooliscroft said. "The Fire Department is very busy handling the human side of things."

"Those guys are really good at what they do," Jones said. "I'm very relieved."