A British journalist said a car insurance company rejected him because it no longer accepts customers with his occupation.

William Leece, a journalist for the Liverpool Echo and Daily Post, owned by Trinity Mirror, said eCar insurance, part of Southern Rock Insurance Company, wouldn't give him a quote because "journalist" was not an accepted occupation for customers, the London Press Gazette reported Thursday.

Leece said the company's help desk sent him an e-mail message explaining that "due to a change in our underwriting criteria we no longer insure drivers with the occupation journalist."

He said the message told him the company will honor his existing policy for another car until its renewal date.

"At least I am still insured, but it will inevitably cause me some inconvenience when it comes to renewal time later this year," he said. "Is this the thin end of the wedge, I wonder, with other insurance companies prepared to ditch journalists' business?"

Chris Gillighan, head of underwriting at Southern Rock, said the company reserved the right to decline insurance on the basis of profession.