One of New York's biggest celebrities has four legs and weighs only 80 pounds -- a Labradoodle known both for his modeling skills and his good works.

Bocker, a cross between a Labrador and a poodle, is not a high-strung demanding star, his owner, Marie Shelto, told the New York Daily News. Whether playing a canine version of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on TV, modeling for Ralph Lauren or serving as the face and bark of Dogs in Party Hats, a contest raising money for Guiding Eyes for the Blind, he gets the job done.

"Bocker is very low-key no matter what situation he is in. People say he never gets his curls in a knot," Shelto said. "Producers have told me that he is even easier to work with than humans."

Shelto acquired Bocker, 7, because she needed a hypoallergenic animal. He is a certified therapy dog and has worked in the Tail-wagging Tutor program for elementary school children.

"Bocker is always ready and willing to lend a helping paw," Shelto said.

When he is not busy, Bocker lives quietly with his owners in Athens, N.Y., about 30 miles south of Albany.