A woman camping in the Colorado mountains woke up to find bears had invaded her campsite and were trashing her Jeep.

Paula Lea, who documents her travels as the JeepnGypsy online, said she was at KOA Campgrounds in Ouray when she woke up to find a mother bear and cub next to her tent.

"I woke up to heavy breathing by my head," Lea told KCNC-TV. "I sat up, looked out of the tent, and noticed a black bear jumping into the driver seat of my Jeep."

Lea said she had encountered bears before, but they had never gone for her vehicle before.

"I could hear fabric tearing, stuff being thrown out of my Jeep. My Jeep, the whole interior is completely destroyed," Lea said.

She said it was about 45 minutes before other campers were able to chase the bears away. Lea said she has bear spray, but had left it in her Jeep.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife said officers responded to the area and used a Taser to scare the bears out of the area.

"Being in a designated campground around a lot of people, our guard usually goes down. I let my guard down, and I shouldn't have. And, case in point," Lea said.