Police in California intercepted a puzzle box containing more than a thousand pills of MDMA or ecstasy.

Riverside police department shared photos of the pills that had been sent from Sweden and were destined for delivery to local college students.

"Detectives were contacted by the Department of Homeland Security concerning an intercepted puzzle package containing illegal narcotics," police wrote on Facebook. "The package contained 1,015 Ecstasy (MDMA) pills, originated in the Netherlands and sent through the postal system."

Police then identified 21-year-old Sung Hee Jeong as a suspect while obtaining a warrant and later searched his home where more drugs were found.

Police discovered a total of 1,140 ecstasy pills and 90 Xanax pills in similar packaging inside his home. The estimated street value of the drugs was placed at $23,250.

Sung was taken to Robert Presley Detention Center for possession of a controlled substance for sale.