Officials at a California zoo said they changed their plans to take only one rescued tiger when they met all four of the sisters.

Erica Calcagno, a zookeeper with the Oakland Zoo, said officials had planned to bring only one tiger home from a trip to the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville, Texas, but they decided to take all four felines after seeing them together at the Texas zoo, where they were taken after being rescued from a roadside attraction, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Wednesday.

"There's no way we could take just one," Calcagno said.

"They're gorgeous. Even when they're sleeping they're gorgeous. And we thought their story was an important one for us to tell."

The zoo said the 6-year-old tigers, named Molly, Milou, Ginger and Grace, will go on display alongside the zoo's 12-year-old female tiger, Torako, at the facility Thursday.