A Chicago cab driver who drove a businessman from O'Hare airport to a publisher's office made the trip a second time to return the man's wallet.

Yellow Cab driver Melvin Stewart said a passenger discovered Missouri businessman Terry Brown's wallet in the back seat of his cab after he had been dropped off at the offices of Christianity Today International in Carol Stream, Ill., Dec. 14, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Monday.

Stewart called the magazine publisher's office and arranged to drive Brown, who hadn't noticed his wallet was missing, back to the airport so he could return the dropped item.

"I would have showed up at O'Hare and then gone, 'Uh-oh. I have no wallet,'" Brown told the Sun-Times.

Brown said he gave an extra $30 to the cabbie as a show of his appreciation.

"I was just so grateful," Brown said, referring to Stewart as his "guardian angel."

"It was like an early Christmas present for me."