"Busy Tonight" host Busy Philipps had tearful goodbye on the show.

The 39-year-old actress and television personality said an emotional farewell during her final episode Thursday after E! canceled the series.

"We have learned that you should meet your heroes," Philipps said.

"That competition kills creativity. That how you finish something is just as important as how you start it. That a career pivot is always a [expletive] option for everyone, just like Oprah told us it was when we were in elementary school."

"That giving to people can be so much more rewarding and fun than receiving. That it is okay to be passionate about women's rights but also care about face masks," she added.

"That if you feel like no one gets you, just keep being yourself, dude, and you will find someone or maybe a lot of someones who do."

"And finally, the most important lesson that we learned here is that it is a marathon, not a sprint, and the real trick is figuring out what the [expletive] the marathon is that you're actually running. And I have to tell you something -- guys, we haven't even broken a sweat yet," the star told fans.

Philipps hosted actresses Linda Cardellini, Michelle Williams, Krista Miller, Whitney Cummings and Jennifer Carpenter as her final guests.

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She voiced her gratitude for her friends during the episode.

"I have all of these amazing ladies and I think there's a myth in this industry, but also just in the world, that women are jealous and competitive with one another. But I genuinely never feel jealous or competitive at all," the actress said.

Philipps announced this month E! was cancelling "Busy Tonight" after one season.

She shared plans to shop the series around at different networks.

"We're meeting with people and seeing if there's another place that makes sense for it to go," the star said. "We would all like to figure out a way to continue to make it."

Philipps hosted Kim Kardashian, Camila Mendes, Mandy Moore, Daniel Radcliffe, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and other stars during her time on the show.

She went public about having an abortion at age 15 during the May 7 episode.

Photo credit: Busy Tonight