The Burning Man Festival in Nevada will feature a 40-foot "Mant Farm" in the style of ant farms, courtesy of Seattle group bound for the event.

The six-member group, which calls itself the sober Free society, said it received $15,000 in funding from Burning Man for their project, which will involve a Mant Farm made from steel scaffolding, ladders and burlap barriers, and allow Burning Man visitors to view the installation, The Seattle Times reported Monday.

The group said as many as 100 people will be allowed inside the 60-foot-wide and 7-foot thick structure at a time.

"It's a vivarium, so it's a place of life ... We're hoping people will come up with their own creative interactions. It will probably be one of the tallest things there. So people will go up there to look out, as well," said Efus Richman, who designed the structure with Jesse Rathbun.

The Burning Man Festival began Monday in the Black Rock Desert and runs through Labor Day.