A Georgia ranch manager checking on farm cattle captured video of a bull with an unusual problem -- being stuck in a metal hay ring.

The video shows the Hereford bull walking around at the Cedartown farm with its head stuck between the bars of the hay ring, which surrounds its body.

"What I thought was going to be a normal routine check turned into quite an interesting adventure," the filmer wrote. When I pulled up to the bulls pasture, I saw a large bull walking toward me with the hay ring around him."

The filmer said the ring did not appear to be causing the animal any discomfort.

"He did not seem at all concerned that he had gotten stuck in the hay ring. As I approached him, he just looked at me 'like OK get this thing off.' I walked up and flipped the hay ring off of the bull and he calmly walked away. Hereford bulls are very docile," they wrote.