The New Jersey man seeking to open a bar called Buck Foston's filed a lawsuit accusing his city's mayor of blocking approval of his liquor license.

Larry Blatterfein of New Brunswick filed a federal court lawsuit accusing Mayor James Cahill of blocking the transfer of a liquor license to Blatterfein's new sports bar from another city restaurant, The (Newark) Star-Ledger reported Friday.

Blatterfein said he met with Cahill earlier this year and explained the name is a play on words "evocative of a century-old sports rivalry between the New York and Boston sports teams."

The lawsuit states Cahill admitted to being Red Sox fan but said his opposition to the name stemmed from his opinion of the phrase as vulgar.

Cahill spokesman William Bray said the mayor is not attempting to block the liquor license transfer.

"Nothing could be further from the truth," Bray said. "The mayor did tell him he did not like the name, however, the mayor also told him he has the first amendment right to the name."

Bray said the delay is due to the lack of a tax clearance certificate from the state Division of Taxation.

"Until we receive that, we can do nothing under state law," he said.