Brooke Hogan, "The Hulk's" 23-year-old daughter, says she agreed to pose nude in a cage in Miami to show the plight of animals.

Hogan took the famous wrestler-actor to the opening of a nude photo exhibit in Miami as part of his 58th birthday celebration, where she appeared naked in a cage, Miami New Times reported.

"I've always had a love for animals, and I've seen abuse firsthand. It ignited my passion for saving them even more," Hogan, who has a Pomeranian, said. "The worst part is that they are voiceless in our world."

Hogan's portrait is part of a series by photographer Jordan Michael Zuniga. "Women in Cages," features prominent Miami women photographed in cages, with 80 percent of the exhibition's proceeds going to the animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

"Brooke was into the idea right away," Zuniga told People magazine. "This was something that really touched her."

Television viewers watched Hogan, her parents and brother Nick in the reality TV show "Hogan Knows Best," (2005-2007), a period that included an affair by her father that led to her parents' divorce. She followed that with her own reality show "Brooke Knows Best" (2008-2009).

Hogan said she's moved on with her life since the TV shows ended.

"I love my parents and would do anything for them," she said. "I think I turned out a good person with positive morals. What they [parents, Hulk and Linda] do with their lives no longer sits on my shoulders anymore. I only communicate with people now if they're in a good mood. Otherwise, call me later!"