Brooke Burke-Charvet has admitted that although she was scared to see reports of her thyroid cancer circling in the media and hear people's reactions, she's now feeling some different emotions.

"The stress and anxiety that I've been feeling is now outweighed by love and support, and it is overwhelming in the most beautiful way. I want to tell you that when I saw my cancer news everywhere, it scared me -- so I can only imagine the impact that it had on everyone else," Burke-Charvet, who revealed last week she has thyroid cancer and must undergo surgery, wrote in her ModernMom blog on Tuesday.

"Truth is, I was pretty scared about what the response would be. But I want you all to know that I feel great, my condition is manageable, and I am planning on a speedy recovery."

The Dancing with the Stars co-host told her fans it means the world to her and she's so lucky to have positive people in her life reaching out to her since news of her disease had first surfaced. She wrote in the blog that she continues to smile and is "taking all the proper steps" to beat the cancer with a "full heart and strong mind."

Burke-Charvet is optimistic that her condition is "treatable," while she apparently won't exactly hate the downtime she's going to receive following surgery.

"I am amazed at how many people in my circle have experienced some kind of thyroid issues and ALL have successfully overcome them... Please know that I am totally ok," the host wrote, adding that she intends to inform her fans about her recovery process along the way.

"I'm at work today getting ready for [Tuesday night's] live Dancing with the Stars show. I can feel all the love and support that has come from far and wide which makes me feel fantastic. No worries... see you tonight!"