Brittany Martinez said she regrets not being more aggressive in forming an alliance with Derrick Levasseur and Cody Calafiore before getting evicted from "Big Brother."

Martinez was unanimously voted off the CBS show Thursday after she failed to align with Levasseur and Calafiore.

The two men had saved her from being evicted in a previous episode, but this time, Calafiore nominated Martinez for eviction.

"I guess I was waiting for them to approach me about it," Martinez told The Hollywood Reporter about the formation of an alliance. "That is the one thing I wish I was more aggressive about and [that I] had made it clear that I wanted to align with them."

"I feel after Cody saved me the previous week, I think he was getting paranoid inside thinking I was still doubtful on how he was playing his game," she added. "So he put me up on impulse, but I hadn't known that him and Derrick were actually trying to get me out. I had heard that Caleb was a possibility, but I never imagined Cody following through with it."

Martinez said she was surprised Levasseur and Calafiore wanted to get her out of the house because she considered them her closest friends.

She said she regrets not forming an alliance immediately upon entering the house.

"Big Brother" next airs at 8 p.m. ET Sunday on CBS.