U.S. pop singer Britney Spears was tagged with the 2007 Celebrity Train Wreck award in the first "Obsessies," a reader poll from a top entertainment Web site.

With 2,784 people offering their votes to Imnotobsessed.com's first award poll, 72 percent tabbed the "In The Zone" singer as last year's most troubled celebrity, a news release from the gossip Web site said Saturday.

Singer Amy Winehouse was a distant second in the Train Wreck category with 25 percent of respondents' votes and actress Lindsay Lohan earned 1 percent of the overall votes.

Spears also was the top vote-getter in the Internet site's Over Exposed category, earning 51 percent of respondents' votes. Socialite Paris Hilton came in second in the category with 23 percent.

Bad news for the pop singer also came when respondents were asked if Spears would get her life back on track. With 72 percent of overall votes saying "No," it would appear gossip fans think 2008 could be trouble for the "Toxic" star.