Britney Spears says it's time to enlist a "hot nerd" for a lover.

During one of her Planet Hollywood residency performances, in a video recorded and posted online by a fan Monday, Spears casually suggested a well-endowed "nerd" is what she's looking for.

"I think it's time for us to find a hot nerd," she is heard saying in the clip. "A really hot guy with a really big penis."

The 34-year-old pop star recently made headlines when she failed to attend the People's Choice Awards to accept her Favorite Social Media Celebrity award in early January.

The singer apologized to her fans over the Internet, blaming her health for her absence.

"I wish I could have been at the People's Choice Awards tonight but I started feeling sick," the 34-year-old shared in a note posted to her social media platforms at the time. "Thank you so much for voting me Favorite Social Media Celebrity! This is dedicated to my fans, the Britney Army without you this would not be possible."

"I love that I can share my world with you and that you are so supportive of me. Remember to be kind online and spread love. #ThankYou." she said.