A British zoo announced its missing red panda was found in a tree about a mile away from the facility about three weeks later.

The Curraghs Wildlife Park said the male red panda, named Kush, was spotted by a resident up a tree in a garden in Sulby Glen.

Park staff captured Kush, and the animal is being kept off display while veterinarians monitor his health and weight.

Kush initially escaped about three weeks earlier when a tree fell across the barrier of his enclosure, allowing him to climb to freedom. He was caught on video in late October by a trail camera set up by zoo neighbor James Gale in hope of locating the missing animal.

"I would like to thank all the staff for a great team job, James the park's neighbor for all his efforts and help also Susan for being so kind and helpful while we did the retrieval operation in her garden," Park Manager Kathleen Graham said in a Facebook post.