Police in Britain said officers responding to a report of a loose animal ended up chasing down a large pig running along a busy road.

Northwest Leicestershire Police said three officers responded Thursday when a member of the public called about 5:12 p.m. to report a large pig running loose in Whitwick.

"There was some concern for the welfare of the pig which might be involved in a road traffic collision and for drivers who also might be hurt in any collision," a police spokeswoman told Leicestershire Live.

Police located the pig running in the road and were able to wrangle it into a nearby garden. The spokeswoman said a man who called to report his pig missing was contacted to come retrieve the animal from the garden.

"They kept him in the garden until the owner showed up. He then took the pig away on a lead," the spokeswoman said. "We don't know if he just walked the pig home or someone came in a van to take him away. All we know is he went on his way safely"