Britain's Prince William became Flying Officer Wales of the Royal Air Force Friday, receiving his pilot's wings from his father.

The prince, a second lieutenant in the army, is on a sort of tour of the British military, a preparation for his future role as nominal commander in chief if he becomes king. He is scheduled to spend several months in the Royal Navy before returning to civilian life.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, accompanied her husband, Prince Charles, to Cranwell RAF base in Lincolnshire for a banquet Thursday night to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the RAF and Friday's ceremony, The Times of London reported. Charles received his pilot's wings at the same base in 1971.

Kate Middleton, William's girlfriend, was also in the audience, suggesting that their off-again, on-again relationship is on.

William plans to spend three more weeks with the RAF and some time on royal engagements before beginning naval training, the Times said.