Oscar-winning filmmaker Brian Helgeland has signed on to adapt for Netflix the graphic novel Button Man by John Wagner and Arthur Ranson.

No casting has been announced yet for the movie.

"Button Man tells the story of ex-military contractor Harry Exton," a press release for the streaming service said. "The first true hero of the post-truth age, Harry's a proxy in a clandestine competition among the super rich. Paid to fight to the death in modern-day gladiatorial contests, Harry sets out on a relentless journey to use these twisted elites' own dark machine to bring their corrupt world crashing down."

Matt Reeves is a producer on the project. Reeves is also working on the latest Caped Crusader adventure called The Batman, due in theaters in 2021.

Helgeland's credits include L.A. Confidential, A Knight's Tale, Mystic River, 42 and Legend. He also is writing one of four planned Game of Thrones spin-offs.

Netflix's roster of original movies includes the Ben Affleck-Charlie Hunnam action-adventure thriller Triple Frontier, as well as the Oscar-winning, Spanish-language family drama Roma and the horror flick Bird Box.