Bravo is premiering a new Stripped reality series next month.

The network has announced Stripped, a new show that will strip people of their material possessions and examine the physical and psychological effects, will premiere Tuesday, December 5 at 10PM ET/PT.

Stripped will rid modern-day American households of all their comforts, luxuries and electronic devices to see how married couples, partners, siblings, friends, single parents, and bachelors fare without them.

The eight-episode series will follow these people as they are "stripped" of all their possessions for 21 days -- including clothing, furniture, money, hygiene and beauty products, and technology.

According to Bravo, the participants will embark on a "journey of self-discovery," as each person will discover what they really "need" in life.

There is no competitive aspect to the show, nor will there be a prize on the line. 

However, each day will be a challenge for the participants because they will be allowed to take back only one item of their choice per day, and the people must determine what's most important to them or what items are necessities.

The rules and regulations for the cast members are as follows: Participants are stripped of everything they own on Day 1; belongings are placed in a mobile storage container a half-mile away from their home; only toilet paper, water, and food rations are provided; and participants must find a way to get to their container to retrieve one item each day.

In the premiere episode, Ali and her husband Justin -- an unlikely Los Angeles couple who have accumulated close to 10,000 items in their home -- agree to partake in this experiment.

A career-driven fashion stylist with a penchant for all things designer, Ali is often at odds with the more frugal Justin, an accountant with his sights set on growing their family.

With distractions in the home gone, the pair will be vulnerable and must focus on each other.

Stripped, which was ordered by Bravo in March, is being produced by Truly Original with Steven Weinstock, Glenda Hersh, Lauren Eskelin, Michelle Scheifin, Todd Hurvitz, Cat Rodriguez and Eric Gardner serving as executive producers.