Bravo Media says it has green-lit a second season of "Kathy," a weekly prime-time talk show starring U.S. comedian Kathy Griffin.

Each episode of the show features Griffin and a panel of civilians and celebrities commenting on the week's most-talked about moments.

Guests on Season 1 include Jane Fonda, Anderson Cooper, Sharon Osbourne, Chelsea Handler, Whitney Cummings and Jimmy Kimmel.

"Look, I don't know what the hell's gonna happen in Season 2 of 'Kathy,' I'm still sore from Season 1," Griffin said in a statement Thursday. "It's kind of like 'not Martha Stewart' meets 'not at all Ellen' meets a lot of negative energy. Last season, I had every one on my couch from Jane Fonda to Chelsea Handler to Anderson Cooper to my dog walker. Just sit back and laugh. I'll do all the embarrassing stuff. ... Oh, and I'm nominated for an Emmy."

"Bravo's relationship with Kathy Griffin has outlasted Katie and Tom's, Ashton and Demi's and while we won't be couch-jumping, we continue to be in awe of her quick wit, rude humor and spot-on analysis of pop culture and celebrity happenings," Frances Berwick, president of Bravo Media, said in a statement. "The first season of 'Kathy' struck a chord with our educated, upscale viewers with its fresh new approach to not-letting-anyone-get-away-with-anything TV."