A 10-year-old British boy recovering from meningitis not only astounded doctors but also linguists now that he speaks with a different accent.

William McCartney-Moore was struck by the meningitis virus in March. After emerging from brain surgery, the boy wowed his family and other by losing his Yorkshire accent, the Daily Mail reported Monday.

"He went in with a York accent and came out all posh," said mom Ruth McCartney-Moore, who took off work for months to care for her son as he recovered. "He just kept on surprising doctors. He survived the operation and the most amazing thing is that he came out of surgery with a completely different accent."

Her son had a rare strain of meningitis, she said. After the operation, he "couldn't read or write, he couldn't recognize things, he had no recollection of places he'd been to and things he'd done and he'd lost all his social skills."

The 10-year-old is almost fully recovered, she said.