Amazon released a trailer for their original movie Bliss on Tuesday. Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek star in the science-fiction film.

Greg (Wilson) meets Isabel (Hayek) in a bar. Isabel tells Greg his world is not real, and she teaches him how to knock a tray out of a waiter's hands, or light and extinguish candles with their minds.

Isobel wakes Greg up in her world where it is revealed she is Dr. Isobel Clemens, the inventor of brain box simulations. Her premise is that simulating ugly, gritty worlds will make people appreciate the real utopia in which they live.

Greg begins to struggle with his two realities when Isabel starts telling him to ignore his simulated daughter (Nesta Cooper).

Simulations of reality are a popular subject in science-fiction. The most popular example was The Matrix, in which computers enslaved humanity in a simulation of modern day society.

The film Total Recall, based on a Philip K. Dick story, posited a memory implant so believable that the recipient would not be able to distinguish it from real experiences.

Mike Cahill wrote and directed Bliss. Cahill's previous two films premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and dealt with science fiction themes.

2011's Another Earth dealt with the discovery of a parallel planet discovered in our orbit. 2014's I Origins is about a scientist whose research leads him to possible evidence of reincarnation.

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Bliss premieres Feb. 5 on Amazon Prime.