A black bear was safely rescued from a tree after wandering the Boston suburb of Arlington, Mass., police announced on Friday.

The Arlington Police Department announced the bear's sighting, walking down a street near an elementary school, at 7:40 a.m. on Friday.

Animal control specialists corralled the bear by surrounding it near a terete.

After it climbed the tree it was tranquilized. The bear then climbed back to the ground and was taken by van to an animal hospital.

The bear is believed to be two to three years old and weighing about 140 pounds.

"The bear is in the Mass Environmental Police truck. He is safe, unharmed...Thank you to all agencies involved for the best possible outcome," a Facebook message from police said, two hours after the chase began.

There was no report of closed schools or rerouting of traffic, and no conjecture by police or animal welfare officers regarding the bear's presence in the dense suburb.

It was noted, though, that the discovery of the bear came the morning after the Boston Bruins hockey team won its series against the Carolina Hurricanes and advanced to the final round of the National Hockey League playoffs.