A basketball-playing bunny in California showed off its hops on its way to setting a world record for slam dunks in a minute.

Bini, the Holland Lop rabbit, claimed the Guinness World Record for most basketball slam dunks in one minute by a rabbit by dropping a tiny ball through a miniature hoop seven times within the time limit.

"Having Bini become part of the Guinness World Records family is an incredible feeling, especially since I used to read the annual books when I was a kid," owner Shai Asor said.

Asor said he passed his love of basketball onto the 5-year-old rabbit after watching Bini repeatedly push a ball into a box.

He then realized he could train Bini to place the ball in a hoop and helped the rabbit practice his dunks every night before bed.

In addition to his athletic talent, Asor said Bini is a talented painter that can also style hair.