The Virginia woman who left a pregnant waitress $1,000 on a $26.35 restaurant bill has come forward to say God told her to do it.

Waitress Amanda Newkirk, 19, was serving a busy lunch crowd March 7 at the Valley View Ruby Tuesday. Newkirk said she found 10 $100 bills and a note that said: "Keep the change! Have a great day."

When the news broke, Newkirk became a media magnet, the Roanoke (Va.) Times reported. She has appeared on the TV show "Inside Edition" and has spoken to several radio stations nationwide. To all, she said she had been too busy to remember much about the couple.

Soon after, Erin Dogan, who lives in the area, called the restaurant to say she had been the person who left the tip.

The 28-year-old is a widow, and said she had been going through a tough time and God had told her to give the money to someone who needed it.

"I didn't need it. God put us there together. God answered my questions," Dogan said.

She said she's saving the details for a book she plans to write.