Police in Australia said they seized 190 gallons of liquid methamphetamine concealed inside art supplies and "magic water bag" push-up bra inserts.

The Australian Federal Police said authorities searched four storage facilities around Sydney in December and discovered the 190 gallons of liquid meth, worth an estimated $700 million -- more than $1 billion in Australian currency.

Police said the liquid methamphetamine, much of which was discovered inside "magic water bag" gel push-up bra inserts, could have been used in the creation of 1,100 pounds of high-quality crystal meth.

Investigators said the products filled with liquid meth were imported from Hong Kong.

Four people, a Chinese man and three Hong Kong nationals, were arrested as part of the probe and face charges related to their alleged involvement in the importation and manufacture of methamphetamine, police said. All four suspects are facing maximum sentences of life imprisonment.

"The resolution of Operation Ovcharka has stopped a billion dollars worth of ice from reaching our streets. Police working with our [Joint Organised Crime Group] partner agencies continue to achieve significant ice seizures," said Commander Chris Sheehan, AFP State Manager New South Wales.