Big Brother evicted Jordan Lloyd during Thursday night's broadcast of the thirteenth season's tenth live eviction show.

Jordan, the former eleventh-season Big Brother winner who returned to compete on this year's Big Brother edition as part of the season's initial "duos" twist, was evicted from the Big Brother house on Day 69 after she was placed on the chopping block by Adam Poch, who had been the season's eleventh Head of Household.

Adam, a 39-year-old music industry manager who currently resides in Hoboken, NJ, had originally nominated Jordan, a 24-year-old receptionist from Matthews, NC, and Porsche Briggs, a 23-year-old VIP Cocktail Waitress who currently resides in Miami Beach, FL, for eviction.

However, Porsche won the subsequent Power of Veto competition and opted to take herself off the chopping block, forcing Adam to nominate former twelfth-season houseguest Rachel Reilly, a 27-year-old chemistry graduate student and VIP cocktail waitress from Las Vegas, NV, for eviction instead. Porsche then used her newfound sole eviction vote to vote Jordan out of the game, explaining that they had not formed any type of friendship during the season.

Jordan sat down with Big Brother host Julie Chen after she was evicted from the competition by Porsche's sole vote and discussed how she will resume her everyday life when she gets home.

"I'm a little disappointed. I wish I would have done a little bit better... I gotta go back to school. I gotta finish that. That was kind of a thing I was weighing back and forth if I was going to come back here or not," Jordan said.

"I did it just because [Jeff Schroeder, whom she began dating after their Big Brother season concluded in 2009] wanted to come back on here and I wanted to see if we could win again. But going back to school -- going back to the salon -- same old thing."

Following Jordan's eviction, Rachel, Adam and Porsche began the first challenge in Big Brother 13's three-part final HoH competition.

Similar to prior Big Brother final HoH competitions, the winner of the first round will automatically advance to the third round, leaving the remaining two houseguests to compete against each other in a second round competition which will determine which two houseguests get to compete in the third round that determines the season's final HoH.

Once crowned, the final Head of Household will get to determine which other Final 3 houseguest will join him or her in the Final 2.

Dubbed "The Big Brother Mixer," the challenge required the houseguests to all hang onto a giant spinning mixer blade above a pool of "butter" which continued to sink deeper into the liquid as time progressed.

While the results of the challenge are already known to the show's 24/7 live Internet feed viewers, CBS will reveal the winner during Wednesday night's Big Brother broadcast which will also feature the second part of the three-part final HoH competition. (If you don't want to wait until then to find out what happened, highlight the area below.)

Rachel won the first part of the final HoH challenge.

Big Brother's thirteenth-season winner will be revealed live during a special 90-minute finale broadcast that will air on Wednesday, September 14 at 9:30PM ET/PT.