Beyonce and Jay-Z are being credited with helping to boost the attendance numbers at Paris' Louvre Museum in 2018.

The museum announced Thursday it had a record 10.2 million visitors in 2018, an increase of 25 percent from 2017.

The Louvre's previous attendance record was 9.7 million visitors from 2012.

Beyonce and Jay-Z, the museum said, helped bolster interest in the Louvre due to their music video for "APES**T," released in June.

The clip, which has obtained over 140 million views on YouTube, features paintings and sculptures that can be found at the Louvre including the Mona Lisa.

"APES**T" appeared on the couple's joint album Everything is Love which was released under the group name The Carters.

The Louvre also credited the recovery of tourism in France, and flagship exhibit Delacroix with helping to boost attendance numbers.

Photo credit: Hteink.min