Ben Flajnik says he eliminated bachelorette Samantha Levey during Monday night's episode of The Bachelor because he was convinced she was there for the wrong reasons.

"My decision to send Samantha home was something I had thought about earlier that day. It had been brought to my attention by some of the other women that she wasn't there for the right reasons and it really came through in our talk that night," The Bachelor star wrote on his People blog.

"It's enough to deal with the fears of falling for someone that won't love you back, but to put energy into a new relationship when neither person sees it going anywhere is never worth it. I wasn't willing to lose valuable time with the other women that I do have strong feelings for."

While Flajnik was made aware of Levey's alleged motivations and therefore decided to send her home during the group date, the 28-year-old winemaker from Sonoma, CA admitted he was completely unaware of the drama fellow bachelorette Courtney Robertson was creating.

"I was completely oblivious to Courtney causing such a stir with the other women. I thought that she was just making the most of her moments with me. It's really hard to not let your mind get caught up in 'Do I really know that this person is being sincere?' so I tried to give everyone the benefit of the doubt," Flajnik explained.

The Bachelor star said his ignorance of Robertson's issues with her fellow bachelorettes extended right into the cocktail reception.  

"While I was feeling all these positive thoughts, little did I know there was a big blowout between [Emily O'Brien] and Courtney happening, which again makes me wonder what was I not really seeing in some of the women," Flajnik added.