Police in Connecticut said a beefalo, a hybrid of a cow and a bison, that escaped from a trailer outside a slaughterhouse six months ago has been spotted in the area and appears to be doing well despite winter storms.

The Plymouth Police Department shared a photo on Facebook showing the beefalo, dubbed Buddy by locals, wandering in the snow in the Terryville area of Plymouth.

"As you can see, he is doing fine," the post said. "Ready for dinner."

Buddy escaped Aug. 3 from a trailer outside the Plymouth Meats processing facility. He was next seen two weeks later wandering loose in Terryville.

A fundraiser to save Buddy from slaughter raised enough money to secure the bovine a new home at the Critter Farm Sanctuary in Florida, but attempts to capture the beefalo have thus far been unsuccessful.

Police shared video in September showing Buddy approaching a trap, but ultimately leaving without being ensnared.