A New York couple shared video of their twin toddlers bucking bedtime by climbing out of their cribs to hold a two-person dance party.

Jonathan and Susana Balkin said their Nest home monitoring system was recording in the bedroom of 2-year-old identical twins Andrew and Ryan when the boys decided to climb out of their beds for some rowdy playtime March 13.

"My wife and I just heard a lot of giggling and playing so we were just eavesdropping on them for a little while and we didn't want to disturb them because they were having so much fun," Jonathan Balkin told Global News.

"We ended up spying on them for a little while on the camera just to make sure they weren't getting into trouble," Balkin told NBC's Today. "Then after a while we decided, OK, it's time to intervene and put them to bed. That didn't really work out so well."

"Right when we cleaned up their room and put them back into the beds, they went right back at it," Balkin said.

The parents said the boys often like to play after being put to bed around 7:30 p.m. but they usually calm down after an hour. They said the March 13 incident was unusual because the twin party went on until after 10 p.m.

Balkin said he and Susana eventually had to take away the boys' night lights.

"They don't like that, so then they usually settle down. Because once the lights are gone they can't see anything to play," he said.

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The parents said they are well aware of their boys' tendency to climb out of their beds, so they ensured all of the furniture in their room is bolted in place and the bookshelves have been emptied to prevent the twins from hurting themselves.